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Guruji’s Compassion – Shri. Shivaraman

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Dear Avathar Sri Sesha Bhaktha Samaajam,

I wish to share with all, a miracle experience I had recently.

On the night of 7th. October, 2010, I was just thinking about Chinna Mahan and how He left us suddenly and got deeply emotional. At about 9 p.m., when I was in this mood, I suddenly felt my 6th. sense tell me that my my son Anirudh, who was on a school trip, could be suffering from fever.

At that time, my son was somewhere in Agra. I immediately tried to contact him at the hotel he was staying in. I had been trying to contat him for the past 24 hours, but was unsuccessful.

This time however, by Mahan’s Grace, I was able to get talk to him, and indeed, as was conveyed to me by Mahan, through intuition, he did suffer from fever, the previous two days!

Luckily the school authorities on the trip, were well equipped and he was alright, by the time he landed at Mumbai on morning of 9th. October.

Such was our Mahan’s Grace in letting me know that my child was down with fever !! (my son had carried with him, and had applied Mahan’s sanctified Vibhuti which we all keep at home.)

On the very next day, on the evening of 8th. October, 2010, I had gone to parents place to meet them at Dadar, when a brown colured butterfly circled my head and vanished just outside the doorstep.

With our Chinna Mahan appearing as a butterfly to many of our Bhaktas, I am sure this must be His way of blessing us.

My mother also regularly writes Mahan Manthram.


Thank You.


17th. October, 2010

3:30 p.m.


Guruji – our Guardian Angel – Shri. Seetharaman

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Shri. Seetharaman of Thiruvannamalai who has had the fortune of serving our Poojaniya Guruji during His final mortal days, before His MahaSamaadhi, to this moment recollects and narrates the most enchanting of Miracles our Swami has blessed him with….


Once when Shri. Seetharaman was travelling with his father-in-law to be, on his motorbike. He was explaining to him, about the Blessings and Grace of Mahaan and Swami on the lives of Their Bhakthas. They were travelling on a highway, at quite a speed, and as they were talking about the Glories and Divinations of our Lord, there was a beautiful yellow butterfly that flew about and settled on the handlebar of his bike, just as they were travelling!

Both Shri. Seetharaman and his father-in-law were astounded to see a butterfly come and perch on his hand, at a moment when they were actually talking about our Swami, and the miracle that a butterfly could perch undisturbed, on a bike travelling at a speed of nearly 60 kmph, was an amazement!

Rejoicing at the miracle and that our Dearest Guruji had blessed upon them, they stopped the vehicle, and offered their love-filled prayers to His Holiness. Soon, the butterfly left….




Sesha Mahaan on Guruji…Mahaan Graces His Bhaktha Samaajam with His Divine Darshan…

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

AVATHAR and MAHAAN SRI SESHADRI SWAMIGAL on the Glory and Divinity of our Swamiji

Sesha Mahaan Graces His Bhaktha Samaajam with His Divine Darshan…


6th. October, 2010


On the evening of 6th. October, 2010, at Thiruvannamalai, Shri. Seetharaman and Shri. Senthil were at Guruji’s Samaadhi Shrine, offering their prayers.

It was the hour of twilight, and in the hour of solitude, with none except themselves, the young devotees of our Lord had just lit a lamp and sat close to our Guru, at His Sacred Spot…

In the midst of their soulful prayers, they happened to notice a young beautiful ascetic clad in white, (circumambulate) our Guruji’s Sannidhi. He looked about 20 or 21 years of age, and His face bore a Divine radiance and a beautiful smile.

Addressing our friends, He asked them if they knew that it was Sri Vallalar’s birthday (Saint Sri Ramalinga Adigal), to which they said they didn’t know about it.

He then asked if the Shrine belonged to a Parama Bhaktha of Sri Seshadri Swamigal (our Guruji), to which our young friends replied in the affirmative. Smiling, He said our Guruji was a great ‘Mahaan’, and that He possessed immense powers and so did His Sannidhi…

He then continued to talk to them, asking if they followed the Divine instructions of Noble Guruji. They nodded, a little perplexed. He then instructed them not to have any Asaiva (non-vegetarian) food. He reminded them that it was one of Guruji’s significant instructions! A little confused, Shri. Seetharaman nodded in assent, but Shri. Senthil, quite guilty, immediately agreed to abide by His instructions, ( – Shri. Senthil had in fact, the same morning, consumed Asaiva food. This fact was not known to Shri. Seetharaman!)

He then inquired about the young devotees…Shri. Seetharaman informed Him that he had a shop of his own, to which the young Divine ascetic replied that He knew all about him, and that his health would soon be completely fine! Shri. Senthil then informed Him that he had just completed his education and was on the lookout for a job. Immediately, the ascetic blessed him saying he would get a job within a week! He instructed Shri. Senthil to treat at all his guests with love and respect, and take good care of them.

Saying this, He was about to leave, when our fellow devotees inquired after His Holy Self, to which His Divine Self replied, “I just came straight here, from the Holy Hill of Arunachala!”

He then came to Shri. Senthil, and as an aside, instructed him, “Do not consume food that is Asaiva.”

With the instruction, “Follow your Guru’s words…”,

…He then left, with His Beautiful, Lovely Form and Golden words,..lingering in their hearts…

… and with the dust of His Beautiful Golden Rubicund Feet enshrined in our hearts…

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Guruji’s Divine Revelations

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Our Swami

Ever since His MahaSamaadhi, on the 1st. of August, 2010, our Venerable and Beloved Guruji, Rajarishi Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal has constantly and continuously been reassuring us of His Omnipresent and Permanent Presence in our lives…

With Infinite Mercy and Love, His Holiness has Graced us on many occasions, through His Divine Revelations – through His appearing as our guardian angel, as a butterfly in several forms, Blessing us with the Prasaadam of His Divine Darshan in our dreams, and through His subtle messages as Divine instructions and intuitions…

In humility, love, faith and devotion, Avathar Sri Sesha Bhaktha Samaajam offers its heart and soul, to our Supreme Guru, our God, the Incarnation of Sri. Arunachala SeshaShiva….

We continue to pay obeisance to our Guruji, and our Parama-Guru, Avathar and Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal, Lord Sri. Arunachala ShivaSesha, the Lord of the Universe….and serve and worship them in all our days to come…

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