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A Gift of the Gods – The Guru

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Guru Nathan thunai cheiga santhatham,

Thiru namangal navin mel eppozhum,

Piriyathe irikkanam nammude,

Nara janmam saphala makkeduvan

– ( Sri Poonthanam Namboodari – “Jnaana Pana”)



“I pray to my Guru for His Grace,

so that Lord’s Holy names are ever in my utterance,

never to separate, and continue to be with me,

so that this human birth of mine becomes fruitful.”


The Guru acts as an intermediary between the Lord and His devotee. He pleads to the Lord in favour of His devotee, and He assures the devotee of the love of His Lord. He unites the devotee with his Lord.

He is our Guru…our Master, our Lord in His veritable Form!

Without our Guru’s Grace, we cannot have our Lord…


Glory be to the Noble Feet of our Divine Guruji…