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How would Thy know the greatness of Thy name!

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Our Beloved Guruji, His Holiness, His Grace, RajaRishi, Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal has been an epitome of Divine Love, Compassion and Sacrifice.

A Holy Saint, a Siddhapurusha, a Sathpurusha, a RajaRishi, our Guruji has been the Divine Incarnation of our Lord Sri SeshaNatha.

What has He lived for that He could speak of…except us and Mahaan…

Guruji has once said, (in His own words,) “To me, SeshaBhaktha Samaajam, and Sesha are the same…”

Avathar Sri Seshadri Bhaktha Samaajam pays homage to His Holiness, and dedicates this beautiful Abhang of Sant Tukaram at Guruji’s Lotus Feet…

Guruji is the flower whose fragrance, only we (His Samaajam) can realize. Not Him. What would He know of His Greatness?


Please listen to “Kamodini Kaya Jaane”

कमोदिनी काय् जाणॆ तो

परिमळ भ्रमर सकळ भॊगित सॆ

Kamodini kaaya jaaNe to

parimaLa Bhramara sakaLa bhogita se

It is the bee that appreciates the fragrance,

not the flower

कैसें तुज ठावॆं

नाही तुझॆं नाम्

आम्हीच तॆं प्रॆमसुख जाणॊं

kaise tuja ThaavEM

naahIM tujhEM nAm

AmhIcha tE premasukha jANOM

How would your realize the greatness of Thy name!

It is only us, who experience Your Loving Grace, know it….

मातॆ तृण बाळा

दुधाचि तॆ गॊडी

ज्याचि न यॆ जॊडी

त्यासी कामा

maatE truNa baaLaa

dudhaachI te gODI

jyaachi na ye jODI

thyaasI kaamaa

A cow eats grass and nourishes its calf with milk.

The one who possesses does not use it…!

तुका म्हणॆ मुक्ता फ़ळ


नाही त्याचि भॆटी भॊगती यॆ

tukaa mhaNe muktaa faLa


naahIM tyaachi bheTI bhogathi ye

Tuka says, the shell does not need the pearl inside it.

it exists only for the enjoyment of others…!


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