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Guruji – The Jyothi of Arunachala…..

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


Dear Sesha Bhakthas,


Shankar and I had been to Thiruvannamalai last weekend.

We had the privelege of experiencing Guruji and Mahaan’s Grace, beautiful moments of which, I wish to joyfully share with our Samaajam.

It began right from our journey towards Thiruvannamalai! We were at the Madivala bus stop in Bangalore at around 6:45 pm. The buses, at that hour of the evening are usually crowded, and assuming we would not get any room to sit, Shankar prayed to Guruji, for a comfortable journey. Soon enough, we got a bus, we saw that none of the two seaters were empty. Only a few 3 seaters were empty. We sat in a 3 seater seat. Then, as we had anticipated, there was a huge rush in the bus with all seats taken and plenty of people standing. The seats did not have much leg room so we were both struggling to sit! 

Then, all of a sudden in another 30 minutes, the bus was almost empty at the Hosur stop. We found a two seater that we had wished for, which was much better to sit in. Without any further hassles, we had a comfortable journey, all the way upto Thiruvannamalai. Having reached Thiruvannamalai, we got a room with the help of Velu sir.

The next morning, an astounding miracle was to be Graced upon us!

We reached our Guruji’s Shrine, along with Velu sir in the morning. We cleaned the Shrine, and offered fresh flowers, lit the diyas and incense, and offered our prayers. We stayed there awhile, and when we were about to leave, I took some pictures. While taking one of those pictures, something startling struck me. I moved back to the picture I had just taken and was amazed to see what I saw in it!

Guruji's Darshan - (photo taken by Shri. Vishal Gupta)

What I saw was a form that appeared as a horizontal shape of a diya! It was truly a Jyothi Darshan that our Guru had given us, in the form of light!

The Light of Arunachala - Shri. Vishal's photo reproduced in focal B/W by the Samaajam.

Our next experience during this trip was during parikrama next morning. Both Shankar and I were blessed with strong fragrances of Rice, Vibhooti, incense (though we don’t know what the actual fragrance was) and Jasmine!

While doing parikrama we noticed that the the peak of the Holy Arunachala was covered by clouds in a very unique way! It looked like semi-circular layers of vibhooti were applied to the peak!

Hara Hara Shambho!

It felt utterly Divine!

I feel highly obliged to be a part of the Sesha Bhakta Samaajam and feel even more privileged to have experienced such miracles by our Guruji’s Grace.


Thanks & Regards,

Vishal Gupta


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