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“ராஜலிங்கம் துணை”

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Dear Sesha Bhaktha Samaajam,

I wish to share my recent experience with everyone in our Samaajam.

Before I begin, I wish to express my Anantha Koti Namaskaarams to my Dear Guruji and my Dear Mahaan…

It was a late Sunday morning, on the 16th. of October, 2011, when I was preparing the bath for my son Harsha. As I was getting things ready, the soap fell from my hand, and fell on the floor. I bent down to pick it up, and as luck would have it, the soap literally splattered into my left eye.

The impact was so close and direct, that large blobs of soap got into my eye. It stung so much, that it felt so much more terrifying than ever. I kept continually washing my eye for nearly 30 minutes, but the soap wouldn’t be washed off so easily. I was not even in a position to travel to the ophthalmologist. The pain and the burn was excruciating and I couldn’t open my eyes for nearly an hour!

Harsha too was unwell that day, and I panicked because I couldn’t attend to his needs. In utter desperation i prayed to Mahaan, and demanded that He restore my eyes.

In a matter of a few minutes, the soap seemed to wash off, and again within the next ten minutes, much of it got cleared. I was able to open my eyes, and soon left for the doctor’s.

Still worried, as we were on our way, we were met by an oncoming tempo traveller that slowed us down. On the header were the words:

ராஜலிங்கம் துணை” (“RAJALINGAM THUNAI”)

I was stunned, amazed, astounded on reading those words! It was electrifying! My heart screamed with sheer joy!

O how, even for a trifle of a moment in life, our Venerable Swami, our Dear Guruji leaves not His devotee’s side!!

From that moment on, my pain was replaced with joy! At the doctor’s clinic, the procedure was done, and my eyes were cleaned!

The opthalmologist was a very religious person, and he had photos of several saints in his room. And he also had a photo of Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal on his glass table!

Hearing about this strange accident of mine, he remarked, “The lesson you learn from this is that, not even the simplest things in life, lie in your control. It is the Almighty Lord Who controls everything, and that we pray for His Grace!” How true!

Our Dear Mahaan and Guruji’s powerful Blessing was so overwhelming!

As per the doctor’s advice, and as a protective measure to prevent further infection, I got myself a pair of dark glasses. I returned home greatly relieved!

Later that evening, when I opened the receipt to check the telephone number of the opticals, I had a strange feeling when a dearly familiar word crossed me!

When I went through the sheet of paper, I was amazed into joyous laughter when I learnt that the opticals I had been to was called, “GURUJI OPTICALS!!”

It is a very endearing experience to me, and I feel the Divine Grace of my Dearest Master and Lord, makes life so much worth living!!

Thank you so much. I am blessed to be in our Samaajam!

16th. October, 2011,

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