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Mahaan’s Grace on Shri. Kannan

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Revered Swamiji,


We reported to Shri. Kannan, Violin Teacher, about Mahan’s benediction on him. He sincerely acknowledged Mahan’s Grace and informed that…

” He was in a state of utter desperation and in a situation where he could not resort to any help. The optician informed him of the fear of losing his sight due to advanced cataract and surgery was the only course left.

His son had already become deeply in debt due to his housing loans. His abject surrender to Mahan explaining his true predicament (through one of Mahans bhakthas) was immediately answered by Mahan in only 3 days ! His eye sight was restored fully without any surgery and Shri.Kannan did not require any spectacles now for reading and purposes as
well as for Long sight.

Such is the Greatness of The Sathguru and His Grace.”

Shri.Kannan was narrating this incident in person at 9.30 P.M on 5.1.2010 after rendering Violin accompaniment to the group rendering of Pancharatna Kritis on Thyagaraja Aradhana Day.

Submitted in all humility to respected Swamiji .

At the Lotus feet of Mahan,


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