07. Guru Mahadev on the Significance of Brahma Muhurtham

Om Sri Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Guru Mahadev trained me in all Meditation Postures (Padmasan, Vajrasan and Siddhasan.)

In the ashram the day would start at 3 a.m.

Guru Mahadev would chant the Sri Vallaba Ganapathi Maha Mantra silently and simultaneously all the Sishyas in the ashram chant the same.

Om Sreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gum Ganapathaye Vara Varada Sarvajaname Vasamaanaya Swahaa”

He said:

“Rajalingam, the Brahma Mukurtha Kala is between 3 am. to 4 am.The Nava-grahas have no power during Brahma Mukurtha Kala.

So Spiritual Masters Confer full Grace on Sisyas during the Brahma-Muhutha Kala. Navagrahas will not affect them the entire day. That is why I am asking all Sisyas staying with me in the ashram to chant the Maha Ganapathy Mantra (Sri Vallaba Ganapathi Mantra).”

“Siddhasan is the best Asan that free the sadhakas of worldly pleasures.”

Gruhasthas should never try this Asan. You have to practice only the Siddhasan that would relieve you from the worldly pleasures, since you are going to be a ‘Raja-rishi’ in future”.

Guru Mahadev trained me in such a way that I became a Sri Vidhya Upasaka soon. (Sri Vidhya Mantra)

Later on, he trained me as a medium of Sri Raja Rajeshwari (Sodasakshari Mantra).

These were GuruMahadev’s words to me:

  • “The ultimate Upasana is Para-Brahma (The Lord of Universe) Upasana.”
  • You have to do it in order to merge with the Supreme Lord of Universe. That is self-realization.”
  • You have to meditate always in the Sahasrara (the final abode of Kundalini Yoga). It is very difficult. It is just like walking on the tip of the sword.”
  • I bless you to attain the same in future”. Further, Gurudev said, “One in every million can attain the same (Self-Realization).”
  • “Self-Realization is not like getting postgraduate or doctorate degree.”

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