08. November 1989 – July 1993 – Greatness of Avatar Sadashiva Brahmendral

Om Sri Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

From 26th November 1989 to 27th July 1993, on numerous occasions (more than 150 times) I had been to Nerur, Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral’sKailash Ashram’.

Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral also a great avatar, and he gave me spiritual Knowledge every time I went there.

If you sit near his Samadhi, a heavenly fragrance (akin to the fragrance of the Champaka flower), would fill your nostrils, and you would be in deep meditation, forgetting the environment within moments!

As an Avadhootha, clad in space, he was passing through a Muslim locality. As the villagers did not know his God-intoxicated condition, one of them cut off his hand as a punishment for walking nude in front of women.

Brahmendral, walked along as if nothing had happened. The assailant at once realizing that he was a great Avatar fell at his feet and begged his forgivance.

The compassionate Brahmendral, gently held the severed hand in its original place. To the surprise of all, the arm assumed the original shape! It is said that this is possible for a person who has attained ‘bhutajaya’ to have a control over the elements.

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