03. October 1986 – Tune your will with Will of God

Om Sri Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Senthamangalam is a small town situated 13 kms from Namakkal. “Dattha Giri” is about a kilometre away from Senthamangalam.

Dattha Giri is the seat of Sri Swayam Prakasa Saraswathya Avadhooth Swamigal. He is the Guru to Sri Santhananda Swamigal. He attained His Maha-Samadhi there. Opposite the Samadhi Shrine is the panoramic view of the Kolli Hills, famous for its Siddhas and herbs. Lord Datthatreya is the deity of Sri Swayam Prakasa Swamigal.

When I was in deep meditation, Sri Swayam Prakasa Swamigal appeared before me (in His subtle form) and said:

I will grant you the divine vision. You should learn to guide all of your actions by the inner will of your conscience attuned to the will of God, and not by your emotional feelings and instincts.”


Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal’s message:

When I turned my will with the Master’s, it strengthened, and was guided by wisdom. Wisdom and justice govern God’s will. Those who are in tune with Him are not bound by any dictates of whims and habits. They live in the freedom of God, their will governed by His wisdom and justice. So it is important for the spiritual novice to tune his will with those who are in tune with God. Such obedience is not negation of one’s own will.

All saints who have merged in God have the power to don again, the forms that they once had on earth.

How few people realize the imminent presence of the angels and the great Masters. Just as songs passing through the ether may be tuned in when you have a radio or a television, so is it possible to tune in with saints, who are just behind the etheric veil of space, if only you would mediate. All the wonders of God will be revealed in the ecstatic communion of deep meditation.

So many people are not only physically lazy but mentally idle as well. Constructive thoughts will absolutely, like a great hidden searchlight, show you the pathway to success. In order to gain your end, you must do your utmost to use thought until it is luminous enough to reveal to you the way to your goal.”

This is MY message to you (-Rajalingam)

On several occasions I visited this Samadhi Shrine till the year 2003.

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