11. Teachings of Guru Mahadev

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Even as butter which has been churned out of butter-milk does not mix with it or dissolve in it but floats on top of it. He was a ‘Gnani’ who immersed in Sahaja Samadhi, lives in God though outwardly he lives in the world.

It is the Lord who out of His infinite mercy that assumes the human form and comes into the world to rescue man from floundering in the miasma of transient pleasures and self seeking and leads him up to the lofty heights of God-realization which is his priceless heritage.

Sri Guru Mahadev demonstrated that a Guru’s love is more than a father’s or mother’s! He would effortlessly descend to the level of the devotee to the astonishment of all. He would share the devotee’s grief with a warm sympathy. As a Guru, He would show concern not only for their temporal welfare but their spiritual welfare as well. It was a unique love that prompted Him to give, for example, proper orientation even to souls those had departed and was departing and send them on God ward path.

Adi Sankara refers (Satasloki) the extraordinary power of Guru to transform the disciple into one like Himself. Guru’s grace, he says, surpasses even the magic touch of the alchemist or the philosopher’s stone, which can only transmute a base metal into gold but cannot impart to it the transmuting quality itself.

We have read about sages, who, while performing penance (tapas), remain absolutely motionless like a mountain, and silent, till the vision of God is obtained. But such a vision is afforded to them only after the last trace of egoism has been erased from their minds.

I will illustrate this by an example. You are tied to a post, and there is an object at a distance, which you are desirous of reaching. As long as you are tied to the post, the object is beyond your reach, but the moment the rope is cut, you are able to reach the object. The object is God.

The bonds of Ahanhara (ego feeling) that tie the Self to sense objects have to be cut before one can attain God, the Supreme Para-brahma.

It is Turiya, the Eternal Self, a consciousness in which there is no ‘ I ‘ or ‘mine’. It is Existence, consciousness and Bliss Absolute. With the complete destruction of ego sense as ‘ I ‘ and ‘mine’, one will enjoy the ineffable peace, when he is established in his true nature as Sachidananda Siva.

Those who know call this Unexcelled or Untrammeled Bliss and Self-Realization. To stay established with the firm and unshakable conviction that His real nature is Existence, Consciousness, Bliss Absolute, after the veiling darkness of primeval Nescience has been dissolved by the Grace of the SathGuru, who is verily the Supreme Being pervading the entire indivisible cosmos.

You should integrate mind, speech and action. It is only the sweetness of the sugar lump that matters and not its shape. Even so, the form in which we worship God is of no consequence but only the eternal principle of sweetness of the Lord permeating the form, which we ought to recognize.

Though a lamp sheds its soft light all around, the space underneath the lamp itself is in darkness. Even so those who are very near to an Avathara Purusha do not really know him for what he is, whereas, others in far off places who are enveloped by the radiance issuing out of his soul recognize his greatness and gratefully acknowledge his help. (Rama, Krishna, Sri Seshadri Swamigal)

Sri Guru Mahadev gave rigorous training to me so that I may be fit not only for Shakti Upasana (Ambal Upasaka) but also for the higher reaches of Self- realization.

He initiated me in the ‘Sodashakshari’ (Raja Rajeswari) Maha Mantra. He would say that this Ambal Upasaka Mantra was to reach the ultimate in spiritual sadhana.

To be in the presence of the Master is in itself a sadhana.

He would stress that the aspirants, efforts should be single-minded. They must have a single goal and should not waste time searching to the right and left. They must not run from master to master. They must stick to one path and start on it. There was no use in feeling all the ripe mangoes on a tree. The man who is really hungry seizes the first good mango he comes across and starts devouring it.

Through daily efforts and discrimination” says Sri Guru Mahadev, “the mind becomes purified as a mango ripens”. Reading and gathering information has limited value, like getting at a railway timetable. If one wants to reach the destination, one boards a train. A mere study of timetables and maps would not do.

The life of an aspirant is a constant struggle to transform his entire lower nature.

Sri Guru Mahadev says: “Guru is the Self. Sometimes in his life, a man becomes dissatisfied with it and not content with what he has. He seeks the satisfaction of his desires, through prayer to God etc. His mind is gradually purified until he longs to know God more to obtain His Grace than to satisfy his worldly desires.

It is then, that God’s Grace begins to manifest. God takes the form of a Guru and appears to the devotee, teaches him the Truth and moreover purifies his mind by association. The devotee’s mind gains strength and is then able to run inward. By meditation, it is further purified and it remains still without the least ripple. That calm expanse is the Self.

The Guru is both ‘external’ and ‘internal’. From the ‘exterior’ he gives a push to the mind to turn inward, from the ‘interior’ he pulls the mind towards the Self and helps in the quieting of the mind. That is Guru Kripa. “There is no difference between God, Guru and the Self.” Salutations to the Guru Dakshinamurthy, who appears in the three fold form of God, Guru and Self, who pervades everything with His form like the sky.’

Learn to check your moods. The violent feelings you may experience in the present were all created in the past. According to the law of cause and effect, every action creates a commensurate reaction. Therefore whatever is happening to us now must be a result of something we have done previously.

When you pray to God or Guru, He feels your prayer. Free souls are aware of the calls of their devotees. You may not know they are receiving the vibrations of your feelings, but they are. And when your loving demand is very strong, the great ones come to you.

Their desire is to redeem the whole earth, because saints of God-realization know there is no death for them. He lives in that Eternal joy. Yet such saints are aware of the world’s grief.

The Cosmic law will arrange it that whatsoever you are thinking of will be produced in actuality, if you command it to be so. Nothing worthwhile may be gained without effort and without concentration. As you progress spiritually and draw closer to God, He reveals to you, more and more wonders of Creation.

The factory behind creation is beyond imagination; the whole universe is a single thought in the mind of God. So simple, yet the galaxies are guided by mathematics inconceivable by man. Everything runs in perfect order. What tremendous intelligence is manifested in creation! The infinite is working in everything. All controlled by that cosmic intelligence.

The visible man & invisible man: electrical currents are passed through a wire. Which is more important, the wire or the electricity?

The wire exists merely for the passage of the electricity: the electricity does not exist for the wire. So the body exists for the use of the invisible man, the Soul, not he, for the body. However, the physical body must be in a certain condition for the invisible Self to remain there.

One’s first concentration should be on union with God. Every day as you go through various earthly situations, mentally practice your oneness with God. If a pain comes along to disturb that consciousness you should reason,”well, if I were asleep I wouldn’t feel this pain why should I be aware of it now?

Great Masters who have attained God-realization are able to arrange the atoms at will to create any form they wish.

If you close your eyes, you can’t see your body. Yet it is real to you. Why think that the invisible Self is unreal, just because you can’t see it?

In meditation you peer into the darkness behind closed eyes and center your attention on the soul, the invisible Self within you. Learning to control your thoughts and interiors your mind, by scientific guru-given techniques of meditation, you will gradually develop spiritually: your meditations will deepen and your invisible Self, the soul-image of God within, will become real to you.

You will also understand how the invisible man is ‘tied’ to the physical body, by attachments, the mental and emotional cords of desires for certain experiences on the physical plane.

When by deeper meditation you can unite those cards, he will be free and you will know that you are a real image of God.

Seek out that invisible man who is held in the jungle of physical sensations and matter. The visible man is a delusion; the invisible man within is real. When you know this you will know that you are not bones and flesh; you are the indestructible invisible man.

Keep your mind on these truths; repeating them to yourself whenever you have a quiet moment, “I am a prototype of God’s thought. I am eternal, ever roaming in the kingdom of God.” You that deathless invisible man, and ever will be. Why not realize your immortality now?

Open your spiritual eye and behold your invisible form. If in the inner silence your spiritual eye is open, the invisible becomes visible. Whenever you are thinking, dreaming, or concentrating deeply, you are that invisible man. He is real; the visible man is the shadow. Forget the shadow and remember the real. Be one with the invisible man-the reflection of God.

In the presence of a God- conscious master such as Sri Guru Mahadev, receptive devotees are often healed of mental or physical illness. Permanent cure usually depends on the continued faith and receptivity of the person healed.


Great masters watch over their disciples on the astral and causal planes as well as on earth. Such masters can and do materialize in physical or astral form in response to the soul call of a true devotee; but at their own wise discretion.

Conscious ‘astral travel’ is possible only when one enters a deep state of Samadhi in which the consciousness is expanded into the super conscious perception of the all seeing spiritual eye. Through the spiritual eye one can behold any point of space in this world or the astral, and project his consciousness there.

One who is advanced enough may also materialize his astral or even his physical form, which is known as bolection. In this state of Astral Samadhi the breath and heartbeat are still, and the body is in an immobile trance like condition.

Only when a master has attained the highest spirituality, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, can his physical body continue to function in a normal way while he is inwardly engaged in divine ecstasy.

Preoccupation with material concerns is what you must overcome. How can you do this? Make God the first thought in your life. So long as you keep Him in second place He will not come to you.

Don’t be afraid of malicious persons; no one can affect you unless you are fearful. Fear and keeping the mind blank allow evil to enter; but when you say, “God is with me,” nothing but good can come to you from the thoughts of others. Wrap yourself in the thought of God. His hold name is the power of all powers. Like a shield it deflects all negative vibrations.

Man expresses more the aspect of reason, with feeling hidden; woman expresses more the aspect of feeling, with reason less predominant. When disease or suffering comes, you should realize that is a test of God’s maya. You must pass these tests. You must not upset by them. Many great saints have died of terrible diseases and suffering.

Listen to the voice of God through your good thoughts. God and His angelic spirits are creating these good thoughts; the devil is creating his own kind of thoughts.

Every time a bad thought comes, cast it out. Then Satan cannot do anything to you. But as soon as you think wrongly, you go toward Satan. You are constantly moving back and forth between good and evil; to escape, you must go where Satan will be unable to reach you; deep in the heart of God.

Have God first. Have God now. Don’t wait, because delusion is very strong. Before you know it, the time will have come for you to quit this world. Whenever you have a moment, sit down and meditate.

No matter how many times your prayers have not been answered, don’t worry; keep on praying. Pray with sincerity. Believe that your prayer is answered.

With deep sincerity pray, “Lord, I want you alone.” Bad habits and restlessness will try to shake you from your effort, but keep your mind on God and you will find His presence with you.

He will test you. The tests in the spiritual life are greater than in any other. But you who pass His tests shall say: “Lord, my greatest prayer has been answered. What else could my heart want or need, but you?” Your paramount desire should be God-realization; the determination to be with Him should be supreme in your consciousness.

Jesus said, “The harvest truly is plenteous but the labourers are few.”

I don’t want people to think that they can attain realization simply by listening to others or by reading books. They must practise what they read and hear.

Siddhas: Those who have attained eternal success (that belongs to eternity) we call Siddhas, (one who has attained Self-realization) which means those who have been judged successful by the Master of the universe.

Does a magnet make an effort to draw the iron? There is a natural attraction according to the affinity of the iron and the power of the magnet. The iron must be near enough to the magnet to be drawn. So is the relationship between Guru and disciple.

It is a question of the percipiency of the disciple and the spiritual power of the preceptor to inspire and draw him to God. Jesus said, “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.”

The omniscient God brings shallow seekers in contact with lesser teachings and spiritual books; from these they derive some benefit commensurate with their degree of spiritual desire and understanding.

But deep seekers of God are brought by Him into contact with fully realized Gurus who are able to commune with God and to serve as channels in imparting divine guidance. It is their duty to introduce the devotee to God. So it is ultimately God who brings together Guru and disciple, but there is also a desire on their part to come together.

Through earnest spiritual longing the disciple, perhaps unconsciously at first, seeks the Guru-one can lead him to God.

And the true Guru, when he intuitively knows a disciple sent by God, makes an effort to draw him, and goes out of His way to help him. The true disciple, finding a true Guru, becomes magnetically attracted to him and recognizes him as the one sent by God. This is the law.

Evil travels with the wind,

But the power of Truth travels

Against the wind.”

If your goodness becomes a torture to others, stay away from them. If they don’t want to follow you, let them go their way.

But always be willing to share your understanding with those who are seeking and who are thirsty for the nectar of the soul. Make them happy.

But do not give advice where it is not wanted; if your suggestions are unwelcome, have the control to remain silent.

And when sometimes you do well to others and then can no longer help them in a material way, if they become inimical because they continue to expect from you, never mind; go on doing what is right. Do the best you can and forget it.

When you contact God, you will see that in all departments of your life a silent Friend is helping. We love anyone who is useful to us; therefore we should love God supremely, because He is useful as nobody else is.

As Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita: “I am easily reached by that yogi who is single-hearted, who remembers Me daily, continually, his mind intensely focused only on Me.”

During the day’s activities, keep the thought of Him in the depths of your consciousness. You know how sometimes, no matter what you are doing, there is one thought revolving in your mind like a dynamo- its power generating the desired result. That is the way you should ceaselessly think of God.

God has created this universe to run according to law; if we break one of the cosmic principles, we punish ourselves.

No saint has been permitted by God to exert spiritual force to change the world. Great saints have tremendous power. If people are shown miracles, they would be attracted by phenomena instead of being drawn to God out of the soul’s spontaneous love for Him. So God does not allow any saint to draw souls to Him by the use of spiritual power in a way that imposes on the free choice of those souls.

When people are evil- when they break His divine laws – they set in motion the cosmic forces that produce the inevitable consequences of their wrong actions; thus they punish themselves. He knows who is right and who is wrong.

He does try to keep us from harming ourselves by speaking to us through His laws and through great souls. He who is truly humble in the eyes of God is like God Himself.

You may curse God every day of the year, and He won’t punish you for that. But love Him, and He will come to you. He is working through love to draw you back to Him.

It is only when your soul will call to God and your heart will melt with love for Him that you will know Him.”

Guru is he whom God appoints to lead you out of the darkness of ignorance into the land of His eternal light. A seeker may have had many spiritual teachers, but he can have only one Guru.

When he finds his Guru, he follows him solely and steadfastly. God is visible in the lives of those who love Him and are in tune with him.

When you are in tune with your Guru, the visible representative of God, He will come to you in that form while you are meditating. Then you will know that God is real and that He works through Guru. A Master who is one with God, can appear in form any time He wishes, just as my Guru appeared to me.

Most of you don’t make the effort necessary to go all the way to God. Some say a little prayer, and conclude there is nothing but darkness behind closed eyes. Some say they are getting God through art, playing music instruments or through painting. But God is not that easy to attain. Only when you sit in meditation with unflinching determination, crying for Him day after day, night after night, will you know Him; not until then. Realizing God requires this supreme effort.

Work hard and when the time for silence comes, surrender yourself completely to God in meditation. So, one must get busy. The depth of your concentration and the length of time that you spend in meditation are both important. Just saying brief prayer will not bring an answer from God, nor will praying to Him while thinking of something else. The Lord will never come if we seek Him only halfheartedly.


The first signs of response that God gives to you as you seek Him sincerely are peace, light, or the sound of AUM: or you feel a great joy in your heart. You may hear the voice of God or of one of His saints. And you will know that God is with you.

People who have a strong imagination or a very weak nervous system may be susceptible to hallucinations. A negative state of desirelessness is not the goal of life. The goal is external fulfillment of all desires. The trouble is, you allow lesser desires to prevent you from fulfilling the only meaningful desire-for God. Once you find Him, all other desires are satisfied.

If you will use your nights for meditation, when everyone else is asleep, you will find God. Seclusion is the price of greatness. To realize God, to see Great souls, you must have time to be by yourself.

You cannot have divine communion if you mix with people all of the time. But once you have achieved God- contact, then no matter where you are or with whom, you will be drunk with the presence of the Lord.

You should not neglect God for work, and should not neglect work for God. You must harmonize both activities.



Once, a saint and a few disciples were bathing in the Ganges when another man arrived and began to wash his horse near the holy man. As the intruder tended his horse, he was intentionally careless in splashing water on the saint.

The angered disciples wanted to strike the offender. But their Guru said, “No, let him alone.” Suddenly the horse kicked its master, knocking out some of his teeth. The saint went over and lovingly helped the injured man. The inexorable laws of nature, not the saint, had punished the wrong doer.

God and His cosmic laws work unfailingly for the benefit of those whose actions are ever in tune, and for the awakening, through suffering, of those who are not true to the divine Self within.

When the seeker is deeply in earnest, God sends him a Guru. A Guru is a God knowing person who has been divinely appointed by Him to take the seeker as a disciple and lead him from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom.

Through the Guru’s pure perception, God teaches the devotee. For the Lord has taken a vow of silence, and He does not address the disciple directly until that devotee has attained a considerable degree of spiritual development. He wants us to use our freedom to find Him, but He does not want to force Himself upon us.

Until you know God, until you have heard, His voice, no matter what spiritual path you are following you have not attained real communion with Him.

For success in the divine search, as in every aspect of life, it is necessary to follow God’s laws. To understand the secular knowledge available in a school, you have to learn from a teacher who knows it.

So also, to understand spiritual truths it is necessary to have a spiritual teacher, or Gguru, one who knows God. Even if you cannot be in His physical presence, or even if He is no longer incarnate on Earth, you must follow the teaching of such a teacher if you would find God. Just any teacher will not do.

There is only one Guru, uniquely the devotee’s own.

But if you turn away from the emissary of God, He silently asks: “What is wrong with you, that you foolishly leave the one I have sent to help you learn the divine science of the soul?

Now you shall have to wait long, and prove yourself, before I shall respond again.” He who cannot learn through the wisdom and love of his God-ordained Guru will not find God in this life.

It is not that I am trying to make you loyal to me personally. I am only stating a fact: if you want God, you must be loyal to the one, God has sent to help you.

The success of some religious teachers is like spiritual mushrooms, growing overnight but having no firm foundation. Qualified teachers have divine realization, and are guided by the blessings of God and their own God-realized Guru.


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