My Message to Devotees

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


The very moment when My perfect Master, Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal thinks that His speaking would be heard to His Devotees/Disciples, He will make me break my silence.

Perfect Masters:

They are free of Sanskaras: they have no impressions. As such, there can’t be room for actions of their own: Their life is one of inaction but made active because of the prevailing environmental circumstances. Actions of the Perfect Masters are prompted by the environment – atmosphere prevailing then.

When God manifests on earth in the form of man and reveals His Divinity to mankind, He is recognized as the Avathar – the Messiah – the Prophet. Thus God becomes man. It is God alone who declares Himself through the Avathar and mankind.

To Disciples:

There are three stages of disciples. The third stage is called the dog stage. At this stage the mind has no question to ask. It is in a faith state. Just as the dog follows the Master without challenge or doubt, the disciples has unswerving faith in the Master, and follows his instructions unfailingly. At this stage asking comes to an end. When spiritual progress has not yet begun as well as when it is at its height, there is no asking to the MASTER.

Hearing is not understanding.

Understanding is not conception.

Conception is not experience.

Experience is not being God-realized.

  • My Silence, and the breaking of my silence at the appointed time, will make silent those who talk of everything, but God.*
  • *The power House will never fail, provided the wires take care of their connection with it.
  • On the other hand, if I am beyond the level of an ordinary human being, in which case to judge me with your human intellect and limited mind, and to approach me with mundane desires, would not only be the height of folly but sheer ignorance as well because no amount of intellectual gymnastics could ever understand my ways or judge my infinite state. My ways-not to be fathomed by the limited human mind.
  • I am not for those who ridicule me and point at me with contempt. I am for the selected few who, scattered amongst the crowd, silently and wholly surrender their body, mind and possession to me.
  • I cannot expect you to understand all at once what I want you to know.
  • It is for me to awaken you from time to time, sowing the seed in your limited minds, which must, in the course and with proper heed and care on your part, germinate, flourish and bear the fruit of that True Knowledge which is inherently yours to gain.
  • All of you are fine birds. But few birds some time caught in ugly cages. So I have to awaken you then and there by touch in between the eye brows (the 6th Kundalini Chakra) to transmit my tapas vibrations (Universal Energy or Brahma-Shakthi or Kundalini Shakthi) to activate your soul and to eliminate bad negative vibrations from your brain.
  • The more the bow is drawn backwards, the greater the distance traveled by the arrow.

Greater than love is obedience.

Greater than obedience is surrender.

Obedience is the gift from Master to Disciples/Devotees.

Surrender is the gift from Disciples/Devotees to Master.

  • I tell you with Divine Authority, that you and I are not we but ONE.(Emerged from the Ancient ONE-Adhi Moola Arunachalane-Para-Brahma)
  • There are three kinds of seekers:
  • One who says: “I know God is within me and I have to seek and find Him.” But he has no courage and his rebirths continue.
  • One who says: “I know God is within me and I have to seek and find Him.” He has courage, plunges into the river and is drowned. He feels he has no need of a Master.
  • One who says: “I know God is within me and I have to seek and find Him.” If the Master says, “Drown yourself,” he will throw himself into the river, but the Master saves him, for He is there.

Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal LISTENS TO THE VOICE OF THE HEARTS OF HIS Devotees and Disciples.


If your obedience is as spontaneous, complete and natural as the light is to the eye or the smell is to the nose, then you will come to me.

The call of Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal is God’s voice.


If you renounce for me everything physical, mental and spiritual, then you will have me.


If your surrender to me is as wholehearted as that one who, suffering from insomnia, surrenders to sudden sleep without fear of being lost, then you will have me.


If you have the complete faith that Kalyan had for his Master in believing it was night although it was day, because his Master said so, then you will know me. First and foremost comes our complete surrender to the Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal (God incarnation) in whom God reveals Himself in His full glory, His infinite power, His unfathomable Knowledge, His inexpressible Bliss, and His Eternal Existence.


  • To each one I appear to be what he thinks I am.
  • Do not shirk your responsibilities.
  • Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is SESHADRI’s.
  • If instead of seeing faults in others, we look within ourselves, we love God.
  • Have hope – I have come to help you in winning the one victory of all victories, to win yourself.
  • Godhood is the birthright of every man. It is possible through love for man, to become God and when God becomes man, it is due to His love for His beings.
  • Spirituality is neither restricted to, nor can it be restricted by, anyone or anything, or anywhere, at any time.
  • Do not lose heart, but keep me in your heart and remember I am always with you.
  • All I ask you is that you love me most and obey me at all times.
  • Knowing that it is impossible for you to obey me as you should, I help you to carry out wholeheartedly what I ask you to do by repeatedly bringing to you the importance of obedience.
  • When you do what the Master says, the responsibility falls on him whom you obey, even when you obey unwillingly.
  • Being the total manifestation of God in human form, the Avathar is like a gauge against which man can measure what he is and what he may become.
  • The devotee (disciple), knowingly suffers for God and the Avathar knowingly suffers for the devotee (disciple). God’s Truth cannot be ignored.
  • Because men do ignore it, a tremendous adverse reaction is produced and the world finds itself in a cauldron of suffering through hate and conflicting ideologists.
  • Ultimately, when the tide of suffering is at its flood, God manifests anew in human form as an Avathar to guide mankind to the destruction of its self-created evil and re-establish it on the way to TRUTH. When He breaks His silence, the greatest miracle of all times will happen. Be worthy to receive the Divine Grace.

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


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