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Guruji’s Benign Blessings

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

We first met Guruji, a few months back. Guruji initiated us with the Maha Mantra and gave us Vibhuthi blessed by Him. In the initial days after we returned to Bangalore whenever we prayed and applied the vibhuti we had pleasant fragrance. When we told this to Guruji, He said that this is Mahan’s way of showing acceptance. We developed a great Love and affection towards Guruji.

A few days after Guruji’s Samadhi, at about 7 PM while I was working in my room a beautiful butterfly with golden spots on its back hovered around for a few moments. I was extremely happy and prayed to Guruji. In all the years so far, we never had a butterfly flying in at that time or any other time!!

Natarajan Venkataraman

27th. August, 2010

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