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Om Sri Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

Writings from Sathguru Sri. Rajalinga Swamigal
My Journey towards Self-Realization

Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal

(God-incarnation in Human form)

(The manifestation of Lord of universe-Para-Brahma).

Adhisthanam (Jeevan Samadhi shrine) 04.01.1929 AD.

On January 18th, 1994 (at 4.30p.m-Tamil month ‘Thai’-Poornima day-Pushya Star) when I was meditating in front of His Samadhi, Mahaan said,“From now onwards you are one of my mediums. I want you to serve my devotees and all (For Material benefits and as well as Spiritual gains) and to reach Thiruvannamalai finally.”

This is the Divine Message I received from my Spiritual Master.


19th August 1987 (Saturday).

It was a Golden Day in my life. I found my Guru in Sthula Sareera.

Once Gurudev said, “I had the Darshan of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral of Nerur in my dream and He blessed me”.

On 24th November 1989, Gurudev said, “Be prepared to go to Nerur with me tomorrow.”

We reached Nerur (14 kms from Karur-Textile Export city, Tamil Nadu) on the early morning of 26th November 1989. Nerur is 440 kms away from Theroor Ashram (Kavimani Ashram).

We bathed in the river Cauvery, just half a kilometer from ‘Kailash Ashram’ Nerur, the seat of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral (Jeevan Samadhi at 1780).

Then we sat before Brahmendral’s Samadhi at 8.10 a.m.

Gurudev said, “Now I am going to give you Diksha” saying so, he looked at me steadily.

By giving Nayana Diksha he said, “You have attained Guru-Head and you can teach others. You can initiate them.” The Same day we returned to Theroor Ashram.


May 1991.

My Gurudev said, “Kaladeva (Yama) calls me! One more assignment for you! Your final abode is Thiruvannamalai (190 kms from Chennai). You have to go to Thiruvannamalai. Sri Seshadri Swamigal appeared in my dream. Sri Seshadri Swamigal’s Adhisthana is at Thiruvannamalai. (Adhisthana- Jeevan Samadhi)

Forget me please! Sri Seshadri Swamigal is an Avathar. “He is a SiddhaPurusha, The Greatest Spiritual Master, and Mahan of Mahans’. A Real SathPurusha! He is nothing but Lord Arunachala! ParaBrahma! SeshaBrahmam! Oh! The Lord of Universe in Human form! The God-Incarnation. He sees HIMSELF in each and every creature and all objects as HIS own.”

SathPurushas always live with the people in disguise! They won’t be seen in the forest or caves.”

HE is Kali Yuga Kannan! HE is the final Guru in Sukshma sareera to you”. Leave me alone! Guru Mahadev said, “Finally you will have to become a Raja Rishi.”


I never met my Gurudev after this declaration was announced by HIM till HE attained HIS Maha Samadhi at Kavimani Ashram on the Poornima day of August 1997. From 26th November 1989 to 27th July 1993, on numerous occasions (more than 150 times) I had been to Nerur Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral’s ‘Kailash Ashram’.


Sri Sadasiva Brahmendral, also a great Avathar, gave me Spiritual Knowledge each time I visited Him.

For success in the divine search, as in every aspect of life, it is necessary to follow God’s laws. To understand the secular knowledge available in a school, you have to learn from a teacher who knows it.


So also to understand spiritual truths it is necessary to have a spiritual teacher, or guru, one who knows God. Even if you cannot be in his physical presence, or even if he is no longer incarnate on Earth, you must follow the teaching of such a teacher if you would find God. Just any teacher will not do.




But if you turn away from the emissary of God, He silently asks: “What is wrong with you, that you foolishly leave the one I have sent to help you learn the divine science of the soul?

Now you shall have to wait long, and prove yourself, before I shall respond again.” He who cannot learn through the wisdom and love of his God-ordained Guru will not find God in this life.


It is not that I am trying to make you loyal to me personally. I am only stating a fact: if you want God, you must be loyal to the one; God has sent to help you.


The success of some religious teachers is like spiritual mushrooms, growing overnight but having no firm foundation.

Qualified teachers have divine realization, and are guided by the blessings of God and their own God-realized Guru.





(Proceeding to Thiruvannamalai…)

On the night of July 29, 1993 I reached Thiruvannamalai.

On the morning of July 30th 1993, I had the darshan of Sri Arunachaleshwar (the Annamalaiyar temple). Then I reached Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram around 8.30 a.m.

When I was in deep meditation sitting in front of Mahan’s Jeevan Samadhi, “A voice from the Samadhi questioned me, ‘why so late?’ Immediately I realized Guru Mahadev’s instructions on May 1991.

On the same night I had the Darshan of Matha, Annai Brahmarishi Uma Deviar and received HER Grace. I circumambulated the Holy Arunachala, on the same night as per HER command.

SHE attained Maha Samadhi in the year 2004 AD.

Till today, I receive HER message through Sookshma

For the benefit of HER devotees.

The Great Maha Mantra:


was delivered through Sookshma by Avathar Sri Seshadri Swamigal to AMMA for the benefit of HIS Devotees and others.

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