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The devotee, the Guru and the Lord

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

To meet the Lord is easy, to discover His lover is difficult.”

This is not a truism, but a truth. When the soul proceeds with implicit faith in the Guru, – this automatically happens when the Guru shows to the devotee His real form, – then it reaches Home and merges itself in Divinity. Everything it sees there is its own. It dances in ecstasy when it sees its Lord. On one side stands the Guru and on the other it witnesses the Lord in full effulgence. In a dilemma it finds itself –

On whose feet should I fall,

now that I see both the Lord and the Teacher before me?

All obeisance to the Guru,

who made me reach the Lord!”


And it falls on the feet of its Guru, unable to understand its own action and decision. The Lord smiles and clasps the soul to His bosom. It feels the warmth of the embrace. It revives from its slumber and tastes of the eternal life. This is life immortal which it now gets. The way is through the Guru, who imparts the knowledge of the ‘Sabda’. There is no other way in this age of Kali.

Prepare for His arrival; for, sooner or later, He is bound to come. You are to be equipped, not with the riches and the wealth of the world, but with a poor man’s heart, a heart that will burst forth into tears of joy at His Name, and in which the waves of love constantly rise, leaving no space for any other love besides that for the Holy One –

Narrow is the lane of love: it cannot contain two;

When enters the Lord, I cease to be:

where I am, the Lord enters not.


When this stage is reached, it is the stage of complete absorption in Him.


(Excerpts from The Story of Meera Bai, Gita Press

– The Doctrine of Shabda)


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